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The Rémy Cut™

In 2013 for his Bella Luce line with Jewelry Television, Rémy Rotenier developed a new design for cut stones, the "Rémy CutTM(Patent Pending) . He was the first on-air designer with Jewelry Television to introduce his own cut.  This proprietary design combines the vitality of the historic "European Cut" featuring a smaller table and a higher crown, with the standard modern brilliant cut pavilion providing flash and sparkle with more facets.  The added facets bring the total to 65 over the standard brilliant cut 57 facets.

Keeping the same principle and effect, in addition to the original round cut, working with noted lapidaries Steve and Nancy Attaway of New Mexico to refine the angles and proportions of each facet, Rotenier has also introduced Cushion, Oval, Pear, and Heart shapes.  These cuts have been introduced in colored lab-created stones capturing all the thrill and rich color of the finest rubies, sapphires, spinel, emeralds, and neon apatite.

This innovative cut of stones has now been incorporated into almost 200 designs produced for, and sold through Jewelry Television.  For designs available featuring Rémy's invention, visit Jewelry Television, and shop for Rémy Rotenier for Bella Luce.  Currently he has 53 designs available with the "Rémy CutTM."

Based on the success of his lab-created "Rémy CutTM" stones, Rotenier hopes to have natural stones available soon through a major gemstone supplier.  He has had sample stones cut in several colors and a variety of his "Rémy CutTM" shapes.  Watch this site for an announcement of the public availability of this proprietary cut!



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