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The Rémy Cut Collection

Rémy has designed for some of the jewelry industry's biggest names, enhancing their offerings and building their brands. Now, he wants to share his master-designed jewelry directly with you.

As a young boy, Rémy was fascinated by the charm of old European cut diamonds. They were popular for centuries before the introduction of the standard round brilliant cut. The old European cut had a smaller table and a taller crown. Because they had more and larger facets in the crown, these stones were very lively.

Rémy designed a stone that combined the old European cut with a modern stone's brilliance. To achieve this, he matched the taller crown of the old-world cut with the shallower pavilion of the brilliant cut – while adding more pavilion facets and enhancing the sparkle. The taller crown creates a more prominent table and crown facets. The additional pavilion facets create a more extraordinary play of light through the stone. Taken together, the attributes of a Rémy Cut™ stone provide brilliance and life with beautiful proportions and incandescent reflectivity.

The round Rémy Cut™ pavilion has 32 facets instead of the brilliant cut's 24, and a total of 65 facets to the brilliant's 57. The cushion Rémy Cut™ stone has a total of 61 facets and also maintains the smaller table and more robust crown combined with a modern, more reflective pavilion.

Featuring stones with the proprietary Rémy Cut™ facet design, each piece in the collection comes alive with extra fire and brilliance. Capturing the look of fine diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, Rémy has imbued each piece with intricate details and a custom feel that make this a timeless collection. A collection you'll enjoy forever. This combination of exquisite detail, timeless design, and exclusive custom cutting gives each piece an expensive look and adds an heirloom quality. 

This Rémy Cut™ brings vibrant, intriguing originality to this classic collection. It features pieces in Sterling Silver clad in high-finish Rhodium or Platinum and 18k Gold clad over Sterling Silver. It also includes laboratory-grown Rubies and Sapphires that have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties of natural, earth-mined gemstones. Each piece is stamped with Rémy's signature "R" set with a 1mm CZ known as Rémy’s “wink.”