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Ground-Breaking Video Courses

Rémy Design is thrilled to announce the release of two new instructional videos featuring Rémy Rotenier’s brilliant techniques for jewelry sketching and rendering. After teaching at prestigious jewelry and design schools for many years and sharing his techniques with hundreds of students, Rémy has finally recorded these lessons and made them available in a video course on black and white development of designs, and a second course on advanced color rendering in the European tradition.

There is no step by step instruction video on jewelry rendering available anywhere else, and no teacher who can so clearly break down the process in such a thoughtful manner. Rotenier was taught the basics of these techniques during years of rigorous training in Paris, but he has refined the classic methods, developing a process that is uniquely his, resulting in astonishingly lifelike drawings and color paintings. In these two courses he shares his secrets with anyone interested in jewelry design.

The courses were produced in conjunction with New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, Tennessee.  Filming was done during a week-long course at the school, and in subsequent studio sessions employing the advanced technology used every day at New Approach.  Each course can be purchased for $175.00 through the Rio Grande catalogue at or at New Approach School for Jewelers at

The first video course, Counter Sketching Jewelry with Rémy Rotenier is an instructional breakthrough on how to draw and design jewelry. It begins with black-and-white sketching and rendering skills, developing an ability to rapidly express ideas and visually explain a project to a customer or client. Following the step by step instructions, jewelers and designers will build the confidence to create powerful drawings which communicate ideas, resolve technical problems, and refine aesthetics on paper. Students watch over a master teacher’s shoulder as he covers topics including values, rendering of various materials, rings and gemstones shown in perspective, and many other important skills. The course emphasizes drawing in front of the client, the most powerful communicative tool in the custom design process. This allows the customer to see immediately their dream come to life, develops their trust in the design process, and greatly increases custom sales at fine retail jewelry stores.

Color Rendering of Jewelry

This course illuminates hand painting techniques for dynamic designs. In the classic European tradition this video course goes beyond basic techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones in professional-quality presentation paintings. Through the masterful demonstrations jewelers and designers will learn to bring metal, gemstones, and other materials to life in full color. The step by step course explains the techniques to create astonishing gouache paintings of exceptional realism, vitality, and sparkle.

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