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The Rémy Rose Cut

Rmy Rose Cut round basic diagram horizontalWe are pleased to introduce a new cut for the Rémy Rotenier line, inspired, as is the Rémy CutTM (patent pending) by the old world top, with a new world bottom for additional sparkle and light.  The classic Rose Cut with a checkerboard top had a very shallow pavillion, or none at all, making the stone more of a slice with a domed top.  To this checkerboard dome, Rémy has added a deeper pavillion to collect the light and reflect it back out to the eye.

Just like in a regular rose cut stone, the Rémy Rose CutTM has six triangular facets which meet up at a little point.  Around this center is another row of six triangle facets and twelve smaller ones, with a total of 24 facts on the top.  The new bottom pavillion is a modern brilliant cut with 24 facets plus twelve girdle facets, for a total of 60 facets.

Rotenier says, "I have always loved rose cut diamonds but also regretted that they were flat. I was dreaming of trying to have a stone cut with the top of a classic rose cut and a brilliant modern pavilion. The result is extraordinary because it has that gentle vintage look of the rose cut but you don't sacrifice in the sparkle factor, the pavilion send the light right back up."

And the result is spectacular in a perfect setting!Remy Rose Cut

Introducing the first pieces of jewelry with the new Rémy Rose CutTM, Rémy stated:

"I wanted the "Eiffel Solitaire Ring" to be the first design to feature our new Rémy Rose CutTM stone because the stone comes up to a little point, the highest part of the ring. Just like the Eiffel Tower was of course the tallest building in Paris in the late 19th century."

"The perfect little diamond pendant is a bit like the little black dress. It looks good on everyone. It's easy to wear and really starts being a part of you. As it illuminates the face it is a real beauty enhancer!"


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