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Rémy Rotenier to Speak at the Atlanta Jewelry Show

Join us at the Atlanta Jewelry Show for Rémy Rotenier's next talk on The Importance of Freehand Jewelry Design - a Hands-On Lecture with Rémy Rotenier.


In our ever-evolving digital age, freehand design still cannot be replaced as the first step in the creation of an original design. Utilizing the same basic tools as jewelers did hundreds of years ago, such as pencils, erasers, watercolor, etc., designing by hand creates a real connection first between you and the design, and with your customers as well.

There is a clear resurgence in the appreciation for jewelry art in our industry which doesn’t conflict with the advantages CAD design brings as a second step of production. Any one of us can develop and refine their drawing skills. When you draw a jewelry design live in front of a client, it solidifies the collaboration, brings trust, and is beautiful!

Rémy will introduce this session with a brief discussion of several important points:

  • How freehand design benefits both clients and the designer
  • Why freehand designs are so beautiful that clients keep and frame their jewelry renderings
  • How freehand drawing helps the production process and provides a better sense of scale
  • Why the discipline of drawing refines a designer’s creativity

After Rémy’s introduction into these topics, participants will dive in, grab their pencils, and get designing with step by step instruction!
We will learn to draw a round brilliant faceted stone followed by designing a ring in perspective.


Rémy Rotenier will also take part in this year's CAD Challenge.

Watch rockstar CADCAM artists show off their technical skills in the first of two invitational design challenges! Host Joel McFadden will keep you up on the action as they review the progress of each challenger. Monitors will allow you to watch their progress and approach to the project they are assigned.

The project is top secret! Guest, Rémy Rotenier will provide one of his spectacular hand renderings to be transformed into a CAD design by the three challengers.

Each project will be submitted for 3D printing and reviewed for judging. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the second challenge.